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These days, it takes a lot of copy to make your marketing campaigns work. You constantly need a variety of materials to bring in new prospects, turn them into paying customers, and keep them loyal and buying more. Here are some of the ways I keep pace with that need...


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Editorial - Content Marketing Copywriter

The Professional Writers’ Alliance is specifically dedicated to informing writers about important changes happening within the industry … to educate when it comes to new and better techniques for doing business … to lobby against changes that could adversely impact the industry as a whole … and to champion writers success for your success.

Marketers using video increase revenue 49% faster ▪ Video drives a 157% increase in traffic from search ▪ Video on a landing page increases conversions 80%+ ▪ Video on a landing page: 53% more likely page 1 of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ▪ Online video traffic now accounts for 80% of total web traffic. Yes...Video is BOOMING!

Your customers have a constant need for content. Not just good but relevant, accurate and useful right-now content.  I've mastered the skills and techniques to deliver trustworthy, valuable information to your most demanding audience. 

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Think those smaller, sometimes even tiny space ads won't give you much of a return on investment?  Well, I can write the kind of PPC and space ads that will grab your customer's attention and drive traffic right to where you need them to go, and where they'll want to be when they get there...Think again.


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B2B Copywriting Master

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