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Only GREAT Copy

Will Get You What

You Want...

Yes, if you want to grow your business good copy is essential. Maybe you’ve been using copy for years, or perhaps you’re just starting out with a business. But ask yourself -- “Will my copy convert browsers into buyers?”


Further, is it converting at the rate you desire?  

If not, the reason is in your copy.

Let’s take your copy from just good to GREAT!

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Hi!  I’m Dwight Macon and I’m a freelance copywriter. If the word "copy" is new to you, it is simply all the words and phrases you use to talk to your customer -- on your website, emails, direct-mails, brochures, white papers, case studies, video and audio scripts, order forms -- all of it used to get them to buy from you.   


Okay! Let’s go straight to what really can move your target customer to choose you over other options:

Buyer Behavior

So why would your ideal customer buy from you instead of someone else?

  • Is it because your product or service is superior to others?  Not necessarily. Merely relying on features and benefits alone is usually not enough to swing the prospect in your favor.

  • Is it because of price – lower or higher? Probably not. Just Google your product – they have too many similar choices out there!

  • Is it because your offer is better than the competition? Least likely reason. Many products and services are created equal.

Perceived Value

Perceived value is a customer's opinion of a product or service's value to him or her. It may have little or nothing to do with market price.

No one can accurately predict buyer behavior, but…


The #1 factor influencing your prospect is perceived value, determined by the credibility you establish and the trust you generate in the mind of the customer.


So how do we strengthen perceived value?...It has to come through your copy.


Let's get back to a well-known fact -- People buy from who they know, like and trust. They need to see you as an expert. They need to experience superior customer service to like you and to trust you. Uniqueness must reside in your copy.



Mediocre vs Great Copy

Hardly anyone gets excited about a product or service that is average or seen as mediocre. But, few of us can resist a GREAT product, a GREAT service, or a GREAT opportunity!

Your copy should position you to maneuver these major decision-compelling factors in the mind of your prospect!

And greatness does not need to compete. Greatness asks ”Why look any further?…”  Neither price nor brand is as important when you feel you have something great right in front of you. 



Don't Forget Intimacy

We all seek Intimacy.  Look…just like you and me, buyers are emotional beings. We need to feel included, admired and valued. Only exceptional copy will deliver what you want and what your customer needs. Your outstanding copy will establish relationship and nurture that intimacy.

Strong, unique copy is always customer-centric. So why settle for “good” when it can be “GREAT”?  When copy is powerful, it compels your customer to action.


After all, isn’t that what you’re spending your dollars for?



How to Get There

I can craft the words that bring out the greatness in your company, your product, and your services.  And I won’t just write until you feel satisfied  -- We’ll work together until your customer is satisfied, until you get the results you seek.

To get started, all we need to do is talk!



Contact me 


If you prefer you can email me at:  



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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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