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White Paper 
7 Steps to Sustainable Educational Field Service Contracts
Schools and technology providers share a common problem when it comes to reducing downtime. This white paper addresses how a school district and a copier company can leverage a win-win solution by moving from a vendor/client to a partner-focused relationship.
Video Case Study
Field Tech Article
Education Partners For Life - Dolan County School District & NuMarc Digital
This video case study script illustrates the transforming power of redefining relationships -- when win-win commitments are enacted from both sides of the service agreement.
Calling All Field Service Teams--Tips for Getting Lunch in Before 3pm 

This article was written for ServiceMax Global to address a common issue for field technicians--managing time for eating during their busy work day, including healthy alternatives to traditional fast-food options.
Press Release 
20th Century Fox Placing DVD Rental Kiosks In High Schools
This is a press release written to announce a new initiative between Fox Home Entertainment and two other independent supporting organizations.

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